The football player sold his shirt to a fan - VIDEO

After the match, Dani Lorenzo, a player for the Spanish club "Málaga," agreed to sell his jersey to a fan for only 50 euros.

"Málaga" player Dani Lorenzo sold his jersey to a fan after the game against "Atlético B" in the Spanish third division. Although he approached the fans after the final match to thank them and take pictures together, one fan asked him for his shirt. Lorenzo replied that he couldn't give away his shirts anymore. The fan then offered him money and gave Dani a 50 euro bill.

"Let people understand: we play in the third division. I would like to be a millionaire. The club gives us a limited number of shirts that we can give away. I told this to the man in the stands, and he gave me 50 euros. I was so surprised that I naturally took the money, but now I think I shouldn't have done that. I did it with good intentions and hope that people will understand.


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