Five Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Partner, or Else...

  1. Your Previous Relationships!

    Your partner knows you didn't wait your whole life to meet them. It's unnatural for them to not be curious about your past relationships, but the reason behind this is their desire to know how special you are to yourself. Instead of giving false answers about your past relationships, choose to remain silent! If they push too much, tell them that they are the only one you think about in bed.

  2. How You Spend Your Money!

    Unless you share a joint account with your partner, they don't need to know where you spend your own money. They may be concerned about what they perceive as unnecessary shopping for shoes or clothes. Don't tell them where you got something or how much you paid for it. If they want to know, tell them it was much cheaper than it actually was.

  3. Your Thoughts About Their Family!

    Trying to distance your partner from their family will damage your relationship. Even if their mother is an unbearable woman, don't say anything negative about her. The moment they hear something negative, they'll feel torn between you and their family and may get angry with you. If their family is really unmanageable, try to stay away from them as much as possible.

  4. Innocent Flirtations!

    Loving your partner doesn't mean you have to disclose your previous innocent flirtations. Flirting within limits is perfectly fine. Pretending to like the things your partner loves might seem harmless to you, especially if you're sure of your partner's loyalty... Don't discuss these with them. Enjoy the admiration of others on your own.

  5. Your Real Thoughts About the Gift They Gave You!

    If you don't like the gift your partner gave you, try to see the good direction of the gift instead of criticizing it. Also, avoid being casual in expressing what types of gifts you like during conversations!


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