Why do we see our deceased loved ones in dreams?

Our grandmothers always used to say that deceased individuals come to our dreams to warn us of any danger. They believed that the departed try to communicate messages to this world through our dreams.

Controlling dreams is difficult, but it's important to pay attention to what is said and try to remember everything.

Often, what they said turns out to be true. Following someone who has passed away is a sign of illness, misfortune, or impending death.

Sometimes, if you see a deceased person in a dream, it's a signal that the weather is changing.

Hearing the voice of a close friend who has changed worlds in a dream can indicate a bad event is about to occur.

If a person dreams about death, it's a sign that they are being warned of some event.

If someone sees their deceased father in a dream, it means they should carefully review their plans.

If a person converses with their deceased mother in a dream, it signifies that they should take care of their health and reassess their priorities.

Seeing a deceased brother on the way to mercy indicates that someone needs care, support, and compassion.


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